Lance Urchin

Guardian: Rebecca Bellwood

Phyllacanthus imperialis

Do: make sure you find a nice shelter and roll into a ball before metamorphosing.

Don’t: try and change into a sea star (they are vain and have no manners when they eat).

Do: find a nice tight fitting cave or crevice

Don’t: find a spacious cave that are good for parties with large openings (big enough for fish to get into).

Do: wedge your spines into the sides of the cave and stay there during the day.

Don’t: do spinestands and roll around on sandy slopes (they could be pits made by triggerfish).

Do: eat a variety of sponges and sea moss with as many small creatures on them as you can catch.

Don’t: eat too much of the one sponge (it will become toxic).

Do: wait until you can smell the spawn of other creatures before releasing your eggs.

Don’t: release your eggs early.

Do: cover yourself with algae and stay under ledges as much as possible.

Don’t: take all your algae off and go out into the air during low tide (especially if you live near China or Japan).