Spotted Saw-toothed Feather Star

Oligometra serripinna

Guardian: Jessica Schutz

It is believed that long ago sea urchins began feeding on the stalked feather stars (crinoids) and so those that developed the ability to break off the stalk and run away survived. These feather stars evolved into different species and these evolved into sea stars, brittle stars and sea cucumbers.

When there is no food in the current (or there is no current), filter feeders like Feather Stars endure long periods of starvation. When food does come therefore it is important to eat as much as possible; it is important to Pig Out and the Feather Star is the champion of Pigging Out.

This thing will not stop if there is food in front of it and it will eat so fast that some of the animals will travel through its digestive system and still be alive when they come out at the other end (swimming away with a new understanding of how lucky they are to be alive).