Magic Feather Star

Himerometra magnipinna

Guardian: Alice Ormston

If you were bitten by a genetically enhanced feather star so that its DNA melted into yours (sort of like Spiderman),

You would be covered in a chain mail skin that could change consistency, being hard enough to stop speeding bullets in one instant and liquid-like so you could melt through small spaces in another.

You would have a hundred arms, covered in moving feet that could shoot out poisonous glue.

If an arm was ripped off in battle, it could still attack independently and you would grow back two in its place.

You would have dozens of animals living on you that you could send out to attack your enemies, crabs with crushing claws, snails that can drill through their skin and into their body, copepods that can suck out their brains.

You would be Crinoidea, destroyer of evil.