Porcelain Anemone Crab

Neopetrolisthes maculatus

Guardian: Jessica Gueiral

Two male Nauplii larvae were floating along and one was googling ‘love’ on his iphone, - “so depending on what sort of crab we are, we have 9 possibilities; we can have the short term love affairs of a free-living crab or we may have the possessive love of crabs that guard females or if females are rare we could be clingy and become like a parasite that attaches themselves to them. We could find love once a year at a festival or one time only, at the very beginning of our lives. We could find a home and remain with the same partner for our whole lives or find a territory or a bachelor pad and show off incredible dance moves and fancy claws to pick up chicks. We may meet a princess, who after loving us, will go and live in a sponge castle and rule over her daughters like an Amazon Queen. We might even have to make house calls for women who have had corals grow around them”.

The other replied, - “I want to spend my life with my one true love”.

To which the first responded – “you must be an Anemone Crab”.