Dusty Sea Spider

Anoplodactylus sp

Guardian: Darcie Donnelly

Sayings of a Nerdy Marine Biologist, No. 1: ‘She’s as Happy as a Sea Spider’.

•Sea Spider’s have no predators.

•They have remained relatively unchanged longer then sharks OR they have had no reason to change for 430 million years because they have had no significant evolutionary pressures.

•They can swim like an umbrella

•They eat smoothies (their mouth is a straw).

•According to the ‘Slow Movement’, “happiness comes from deep rich connections that are built by taking things slowly” and sea spiders are very slow.

•Sea spider’s have the slowest neural pulses of any known animal (thoughts are 3,000 times slower than the sloth in Zootopia).

•They don’t wash, they just let creatures grow on them.

•They don’t need to breathe, oxygen just comes through the pores in their skin.

•Females don’t have to be pregnant, they give the eggs to the male.

•They have really dense knees so they would never get knee injuries if they played professional Netball.