Ornate Wobbegong

Ornate Wobbegong

Guardian: Jason Allen

Orectolobus ornatus

If you were this Shark you would have a really cool, super sensitive beard or a spiky chin full of feeling.

You would also have a concentration of fine hairlike extensions connected to nerves under the skin of your head, and you could sense the slightest movement.

You could close your eyes and feel a bird fly overhead, showers would feel awesome especially when followed by a fan? You would have massages where they just move their hands around behind you without touching you? And you would always win blind man’s bluff.

You would also have a compulsion to bite things that pass by and would not want to let them go (on some occasions a wobbegong has only let go of a diver when they left the water).

And you would be very patient, a sit and wait predator that eats sit and wait predators.