Panda Clownfish

Amphiprion polymnus

Guardian: Kirsty Lavender

Some time ago I noticed an Anemone that had lost its fish and because it was unprotected, a Butterflyfish was biting chunks out of its tentacles. A week later two tiny Clownfish had arrived to save it. Another time an Anemone was close to death, pale with all its tentacles deflated, and as I watched the Clownfish swam into its mouth, disappearing completely for a moment before reappearing. I can only assume that it was feeding the Anemone, working to keep it alive.

Clownfish are so closely bonded to their Anemone that they will sleep in its centre at night, on its lips.

Imagine the dreams you would have lying on a bed of lips, dreaming in a 10-hour kiss.