Guardian: Rebecca Persson

Amphiprion percula

It is not the fact that shark’s would not survive as vegetarian’s or that barracuda’s have not got the right sort of mouth to scrape eggs from rock. I don’t like how the hero stays male, but I understand you humans are stuck and can’t change into females, what really annoys me about your movie is that he leaves the anemone. You really don’t understand our love for anemones, we care about our eggs, guard them, paddle water over them constantly so they have plenty of oxygen but when they hatch, that is it, they are on their own. From the moment we are laid we are suffused by the flavour of an anemone, although we must leave it to escape the dangers of the reef, the faintest taste of it is what draws us back, a deep instinctual love for anemones. Most of us die trying to find one, we fight our own kind to get one and they hurt at first (before you develop the neutral mucous). We would not leave them willingly, we defend them, feed them and adore them. I am glad they have no eyes so that they cannot watch your movie and witness the incomprehensible abandonment of a home, a love; an anemone.