Red Squirrelfish

Guardian: Adie the gardener Gardener

Sargocentron rubrum

What if you woke up and you had turned into a Squirrelfish. For a start you would be afraid of the light and would go back to sleep again, although it would be a strange partially conscious sleep where you are floating and you still move every now and again to keep yourself in the same position and you would have no eyelids so you cannot close them. When it gets dark it wouldn’t actually be that dark because you would have big eyes and you would discover that you like eating crabs. You would drift over the bottom and when close enough to a crab you would shoot your mouth out to catch them in a jerky sudden ninja attack movement. If you saw another squirrelfish you would talk to them without moving your mouth but by vibrating muscles inside of yourself and drumming on your swim bladder. It would be a chattering sort of sound and with your eyes and jerky movements you would be like a squirrel, although you would have no idea what a squirrel is, or a ninja or that if squirrels were bigger they would make awesome ninjas.