Lined Bristletooth

The Surgeonfish Stomach Spaceship

Ctenochaetus striatus

Guardian: The Rosewood Tree

Did you know that a new born baby cannot metabolise the sugar in its Mother’s milk. The Sugar is not produced for the baby it is produced to feed the Bacteria in the Baby’s Gut.

•Researchers explain that gut bacteria works for us (breaking down food, producing vitamins, killing other disease-carrying Bacteria) but maybe it is the other way round and that our minds & bodies work for the Gut Bacteria.

•Stomachs have remained pretty much the same since we were fish. In fact, the environments are unchanged since that time (dark, moist, with moving walls and lots of acid).

•If you were to take everything else away and focus on the stomach, you would see that you are just like this Surgeonfish.

•We are both just Avatars, spaceships for the bacteria inside of us, stomach-bodies, created to feed the creatures in our stomach.

•It is not you that craves chocolate, it is them.