Dusky Butterflyfish

Dusky Butterflyfish

Chaetodon flavirostris

Guardian: The Nature School Port Macquarie

Although this is a tropical reef fish, the Eastern Australian Current (the one Nemo travelled down) will often take these fish to Sydney and you may see them all the way down in Merimbula.

“To change we need understanding, to understand we need experience” – Sayings of The Wise River Red Gum.

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•The founders’ vision is a world in which all children learn from and within nature. Their aim is to engage children in Port Macquarie in nature play sessions that are creative, hands on, experiential, learner-led and largely unstructured.

•The Nature School offers 3 hour and 6 hour outdoor nature play sessions, initially for children aged 3 to 6 years. Children spend their time outdoors in natural spaces driving their own learning through the exploration of the natural environment, with the supervision of experienced Nature School Educators.

•The Nature School takes place entirely outdoors, rain, hail or shine in Port Macquarie.