Staghorn Coral

Acropora muricata

Guardian: The Frangipani Tree

12 facts about poo

1.Corals eat fish poo, sea Cucumbers search for poo in the sand & unicornfish hang around under schools of predatory fish to feed on the poo that rains down.

2.Koalas feed their children poo.

3.Possums eat their own poo.

4.Doctors transplant poo from healthy people into the stomachs of people with certain illnesses (and it works 91-98% of the time).

5.Feather Stars can eat so fast that their poo (small crustaceans) is still alive and swims away having a new understanding on how precious life is.

6.Flatworms poo out of their mouth.

7.Scarab beetles are born inside of poo .

8.The Potato Beetle covers itself with poo (it has poisonous poo to deter predators).

9.Thrips poo out sugar (sap-sucking insects).

10.The largest pile of poo is so huge it can be seen from space (The Great Barrier Reef).

11.The Hoopoe bird uses Poo as a missile (squirting it in the eye of predators).

12.Poo is sexy (female salamanders taste poo to judge the quality of the male).