Finger Coral

Guardian: St.Margarets School

Acropora humilis

Plate Coral: “I hate the Butterflyfish the most, with that pointy mouth that sticks right into you”

Pine Coral: “It’s the Parrotfish I hate, they’re a bunch of rainbow coloured walrus-toothed pigs that take chunks out of every part of you and then poo on top of you”

Bushy Plate Coral: “at least you don’t have a family of Filefish buzzing around you constantly sucking up your flesh and defending you as if you belong to them”

Plate Coral: “that’s nothing, I live next to a slimy-fingered Spaghetti Coral that releases clouds of toxic snot over me”

Boulder Coral: “I have a Sea Urchin eating holes under me, I hate them”

Antler Coral: “we hate you, you fat old rock”

Plate Coral: “what about those Stomach-Spewing Crown of Want-to-be-Punk Thorns Starfish”

Everyone: “I Hate them”

Staghorn Coral: “what I hate most of all is those Hansel & Gretel plankton-feeding Angelfish that swim over you all smiley and happy at spawning time and eat as many of your children as they can suck in.”

Finger Coral: “I hate not having legs, or an Iron Man suit, an underwater one that could blast the hell out of them all”