Magnificent Anemone

Guardian: Sarah Hopkins

Heteractis magnifica

Alternative and more possible plots for the movie Finding Nemo, No: 1;

So imagine you are in the very first scene of Finding Nemo except it would be Coral talking and explaining to Marlin that ‘this is my anemone and I am in charge’. All of a sudden the anemone would fill itself with water, let go of the reef and float off like a balloon. Marlin and Coral would hover around the opening of the anemone, confused but suspecting that the anemone is actually swimming in a specific direction. On the journey there would be many unique encounters as reef creatures investigate the incredible floating anemone and Coral would first get separated by a small school of trevally and then eaten by a Lionfish. They would then arrive at a field of magnificent anemones (covering a space as large as a city block) and Marlin would come to the realisation that the anemone has a mind of its own and it had answered a call or a scent from its own kind. Marlin is enlightened and humbled by the emotions and intelligence of its anemone (and of life in general) and he names the anemone; Nemo.

Marlin also discovers that he has become a woman.