Torch Ginger

Etlingera elatior

Extracts of this Ginger reduces the damaging effects of Lead.

Lead water pipes are thought to have contributed to The fall of the Roman Empire. Lead in the Paints of Caravaggio are thought to have made him violent & lead in cheap wine made Beethoven lose his hair. Lots of colonial West Indian slaves & sailors died because Rum was fermented in stills made of Lead & critically endangered California condor have died eating the lead bullets in carcasses.

If only they were growing & eating Torch Ginger.

Mason Kaempferia pulchraThis is known as the Zombie plant because it looks as though it is dead and then comes back to life. Voodoo witch Doctors would secretly give people a concoction made from Pufferfish that would make them appear dead. They would then pretend to use magic to revive them and impress the tribe with their powerful Voodoo magic.