Orchids, Iris, Dragon Trees, Grass Trees, Asparagus

Dragon Tree Dracaena marginata Having a layer of tissue that can regrow around the stems & roots (meristem) means that many plants will not die easily, they are like Superheroes OR Supervillains that will regrow unless every cell dies. The Dragon Tree is a perfect example – a piece of stem (sort of like a finger of Deadpool), if not mashed-up, burnt or desiccated will grow into another tree.

Lance Dracaena Dracaena thalioidesOur cells can be programmed to die. Like leaves, dying to conserve energy for the rest of the tree. Cancer can be caused by when this program fails – or a cell defies the system and refuses to kill itself. Apparently the compounds leaves can program Leukemia cells to die.

Monkey Grass Liriope spicataIn a way this plant is a ‘Blocker’; used by gardeners to stop other plants from growing, smothering weeds and covering the soil. It is hardy, shade tolerant & has few pests - not much sex happens on or around this plant – Gardeners are like parents – some letting their garden grow wild, others very controlling.