Nibung Palm Oncosperma tigillarum These spines are excellent for making Death; they can be used for poison blow-darts and they can be placed on the tips of javelins to spear fish.

Sunset Palm

Calyptrocalyx polyphyllus

This plant comes from the highlands of New Guinea where over the past 20 years, more than 30 people per year have been accused of sorcery & killed (and the problem has grown in the past four to five years). It occurs when a member of the community dies. Someone who has said something bad about the deceased or simply someone already facing ostracism (handicapped, outsider or just unpopular) is accused of using sorcery, tortured with knives and burning metal until they confess & then killed (burnt alive in a hut).


Cocos nucifera

The Tree of Life: Did you know that coconut water is sterile & was used for blood transfusions in WWII to keep soldiers alive.

Plant a seed. Open a Coconut. Find the Sign.