About the Author

It was only recently at a talk for Nature Play Queensland that I had heard a title that I would like to define me: The Promotions Manager for Nature in Far North Queensland.

Starting with the discovery of sand that glows in a cave on the beach where I grew up, developing with my travels working in Outback Australia, David Attenborough documentaries and sailing to Spain; I built a deep love for the outdoors and specifically Wildlife, studied Ecology at James Cook University and got a job working on the Great Barrier Reef.

As the Biologist for Frankland Island Cruises I collected photos and discovered that the love of Nature was within us all so I developed a project (The Naiad Project) where people helped me look for shells, flowers, seeds or sent me their photos of wildlife and I put together evolving ebooks and added the peoples’ contributions to the books and gave them the title of Guardians.

From this I started a Blog, a Mailing list, I got a school to Adopt a Coral head, created the Wildlife Discovery Program for an After School Hours Care Centre and published several books, such as ‘The Starfish Yoga Book’ & ‘Nightmares on the Reef’.

Even outside work I promoted Nature; for years I organized families to meet outdoors to have a BBQ on the Esplanade in Cairns or gathered them together for ‘Adventure Sundays’, where we would all meet at a Lake or Bush Walk.

Currently I am working on the Coral Art Book where I recruit Guardians by getting Tourists to draw pictures of Coral on the way home from the Reef and I am developing a Tree4Reef project where people gather photos and stories to develop a book and a walk along the creeks that flow out to the Reef.

Perhaps it is me but it seems that the changing world does not want Wildlife to disappear or people feel a loss when they become disconnected from it. I have worked and hope to continue to work to reconnect people with Nature and to bring real value to it so that we do not lose it altogether.