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sand dollar

Laganum Laganum
Guardian: Rob Toomey
It has 5 jaws
Sea urchins are sea stars rolled up into a ball.
When the dinosaurs were ruling the land some sea urchins flattened out and burrowed through the surface of the sand becoming the sand dollars.
Unlike other sea urchins they have a front to lead them
They are used as money by the people from Atlantis
Inside of a sand dollar you will find the Star of Bethlehem and 5 doves of peace.
The Ancient Greeks had a flat bread called Laganon, the Italians called it Laganum and it is now called Lasagne.
The larvae can smell the mucous in a predatory fish’s mouth and will tear themselves in half to increase the chance that one of them will survive.
The larvae will also select heavy sand grains and store them in their stomach so they act like a weight belt, in some areas they eat heavy magnetite grains and so are magnetic.
They are covered in spines on their underside that propel them through the sand
On the spines they have cilia (little tentacles) that gather food.
Bonnet shells and starfish are their enemies
They are social animals
They have an extra long tube foot which comes out of the sand and releases sperm and eggs into the current.